How does it work?


What is "SOLHYS"

Solar Hybrid Systems

  • for generating AC from the DC produced by the PV plant (or by the batteries)
  • A charger is required for loading the batteries
  • A power management system is required for optimizing the energy flow from the PV-plant, the batteries, the grid and the generator to the load
  • SOLHYS combines all those components in one unit
  • Where is the market?


    in areas of bad electricity infra-structure We start in Lebanon with one of the poorest power generating situations

    • 3-12 h interruption of electricity supply per day
    • Thousands of Diesel Gensets countrywide as standby
    • Most expensive generating cost (20-35 USCt/kWh)
    • Extreme air pollution by Gensets in urban areas
    • High PV production potential (1800 kWh per kW-p)