NP smart base 2,4k in 4k

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NP smart base 40k

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NP smart base 60k

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Why decentralized PV-based solutions?

Why batteries?

  • No need for additional nuclear or fossil fueled power stations
  • No additional investment in grid infra structure
  • Easiest access to PV surface areas
  • Flexible sizing
  • Tailor mad solutions
  • Grid compatible
  • Genset compatible
  • During the offgrid period with integrated PV-system but without batteries the generator is either operating allone or in stand-by mode
  • Generators in stand-by mode are ineffcient, polluting and consume a lot of fuel
  • Overproduction from the PV-plant can not be used
  • This is why the fuel saving potential is not exceeding 30%
  • With batteries the generator is used for loading the batteries and stops after having full charged them – no stand-by mode required
  • Fuel saving goes up to 95%
  • Generator emissions and maintenance cost are substantially reduced

What are the economics of the NP Solar Base?

  • PV Electricity generation 1000 to 1800 kWh/year/kW-p
  • 4 years pay back
  • Life expectancy 15 years without essential reinvest