Who we are

Solar Hybrid Systems Ltd.

Solar Hybrid Systems Ltd. founded in 2015 is a JV between E-Projekt d.o.o. (Maribor) and NP Energy AG (Sarnen, Switzerland)

New Power Energy AG founded in 2012 is operator of several PV-plants in Slovenia and offers the NP Solar Set, a plug-in/all-in/on-grid solution for generating electricity from PV for residential and commercial consumers. E-Projekt is the assembling partner for this product.

What we want to do

Future is in Solar Systems
  • Develop, produce, sell decentralized power supply systems based on solar energy
  • Our products have to be reliable and competitive ant to offer simple and flexible solutions
  • Want to offer simple and flexible solutions
  • Within 5 years we want to be a leading provider in our market segement